[151 vs. 1,000?]

After 62 years in combined Network Marketing we have a very good “grasp” of what it takes to be financially successful in this business.

– Lots of trial and error.

– Lots of phone calls.

– Lots of joy.

– Lots of disappointments.

At age 58 I look back at that 18 year old kid and give him a nod.

He was “Unconsciously Incompetent”.

Which basically means I didn’t know what I didn’t know yet…but I was excited to learn and my financial future.  One a scale of 1 to 10 I wasn’t a 10. 

I was a 100!

Today I’m what I call:

“Consciously Competent”.

Which means I know what I’m doing and I know how to do it!

So, my question for you today is this:

“Is Your Financial Future Just of Casual Interest?”

Or, do you have a BURNING DESIRE to get out of debt and pay all your bills on the 15th when you get a check from us at Felice Cafe?

Have you even considered the possibility of “Being Free on the 15th?”

Let me stretch your mind a bit on this possibility.

Remember this quote when it comes to dreaming and believing is something that you can’t quit see yet:

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

People ask me questions like this:

“Why do you still believe in Network Marketing when the majority lose money Robert?”

“Why are you more excited today than you were when you first started 40 years ago?”

“Why are you able to sponsor people from calling leads when I fail miserably?”

“Why _____________” insert any question, doubt or disbelief here.

My answer:


My belief and also the PROOF I have that this business model is at an all-time HIGH!

So, let me ask you another question?

“If you’re financial future is more than a casual interest to you, what are you WILLING to do about it?”

I joined and quit 10 Network Marketing programs in my first 5 years in this business.


I had no clue what I was doing.

I was what I call a “jumper”.

I was young and believed I was going to “live forever” and that I had time to figure all this out.

The reality was this about me:

“My Financial Future was a casual interest to me”.

– Casual.

– Not planned.

– Not deliberate.

– Not intentional.

– Not organized.

– Not designed.

– Not foreseeable.

I was flopping in the wind like a Kite caught in a 100 foot oak tree!

So, what are you willing to do about it?

Or, are you just a month or two away from quitting on your financial future?

Lord knows there are thousands of Network Marketing programs to choose from.

So, I know from experience that quitting when I face resistance and joining another program to solve my own inactivity wasn’t the answer.

I had to find a better way…a concept that actually made sense for the part-timer.

For me, the compensation plan DOES matter.  

I didn’t join Network Marketing to participate in a non-profit business.  Did you?

The compensation plan is one of the biggest problems we have in this profession.


Because compensation plans are built for the full-time distributor.

Felice Cafe’s plan is built for the part-time distributor.


Because we know from our combined 62 years of experience that more are part-time than full-time.

We believe 95% are part-time.

Only 5% are full-time.

The insanity, to us, is trying to build a group of $100,000 in volume to make $5,000.

Why $5,000?

Because that’s average in monthly income that our downlines have told us they need to make in order to quit their job and go full-time in Felice Cafe.

Want me to “BLOW YOUR MIND” right now?

Do you know how much volume you need at Felice Cafe to make $5,000 a month?


That’s an easy calculation…

(Please stop what you’re doing and grab a pen and calculator and do the math with me):

You take a 20-Club which is $2,000 in sales. 

That’s 20 people at 100cv.  Four on your first level and sixteen on your second level.

That pays you $660.

The question is:

“How Many 20-Club’s do I need to build to get to $5,000 a month?”

You take $5,000 and divide it by $660:

$5,000/$660 = 7.57

You then take 7.57 and multiply it by $2,000cv as that’s how much a 20-club is:

7.57 x $2,000 = $15,140 in sales required to make $5,000 a month!

No, it will NEVER work out exactly like that.

But, guess what?

Neither will quitting!

In fact, if you quit and keep quitting Network Marketing program after Network Marketing program how is that getting you closer to your financial future you dream of?

You’ve got to get out of your head and into the game of Network Marketing.

What is that game?

It’s making a decision to “PLANT YOUR FLAG” somewhere and go to work.

WORK is a the best 4-letter word known to mankind!

We’ve had lots of people join Felice Cafe in 7 months.

We’ve had lots of people quit Felice Cafe in 7 months.

It’s just human nature.

Most who quit and have joined another program already.

Guess what?

In other programs here’s what they have to do in order to make their $5,000 dream come true:

$100,000 in sales.

1,000 people ACTIVE at $100.

Here’s what you need to have at Felice Cafe:

$15,140 in sales.

151 people ACTIVE at $100.

So, which one would you more likely seeing yourself doing over the next 12-24 months?

1,000 active or 151 active?


Now here’s what I know about myself.

In the past when I quit in the first 90 days of Network Marketing program I did so because of two things:

1.  I was unconsciously incompetent (I didn’t know what I didn’t know).

2.  My Financial Future was just of Casual Importance to me (so when the first sign of resistance appeared I QUIT!)

Resistance is everywhere in YOUR life:

It’s in your:

– Bank Account

– Friends

– Family

– Spouse

– News feed on social media

– Upline

– Downline

– Crossline

– Competition

– No’s


Yes, I used to allow 2-3 no’s in a row set me back.

It made me TOTALLY rethink my involvement.  

I’d say things like this:

“I can’t represent a company or product or service if they do xyz!”

I was a:


Yes, I was, I’ll admit it.

Some of my stupidest mistakes and decisions were made out of pure emotion and not facts.


I normally wrote my best cancellation letters when I was overdrawn in my checking account.

They were brilliant!

My reasons why I quit sounded great. 

Yet, I still had that 1,000 people problem.

I needed 1,000 active people to make $5,000 a month to then go full-time.

Yet, I wasn’t willing to face the facts, nor was I willing to accept the responsibility that it took to make that $5,000 a month!

So, I was in a:


I wanted to make $5,000 a month, yet, I was unwilling to do the work necessary to get there.

– Like wanting 6-pack abs but never doing a sit up.

– Like wanting a college degree but never showing up for class.

Network Marketing is no different than other things in your life.

In fact, because it’s “Results Driven”, mistakes, doubts and indecision appear more quickly than other things in your life.

151 vs. 1,000

That’s how we say it.

So, what did we do?

We got EXCITED about 151!

We could see ourselves doing that in a year.

We believed we could do it in a year.

When we both put our heads down and went to WORK, we did it in only 6 months!

You can too!

What did we do?

We showed the plan.

We showed the 20-Club!

We talked about it to anyone that had a pulse.

We even dreamed of 20-Clubs.

We even talked in our sleep about 20-Clubs!

We became PASSIONATE about 20-Clubs!

We then went on to make millions of dollars…and it all began with:

“4 Who Get 4!”

That’s all we did.

There was no magical product or service that cured people.

We consistently showed “4 who get 4”.

We also had a calculator all our prospects could use.

You have one here:

Potential Income Calculator

Use it daily…play around with it and have fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to dream and see yourself making that kind of money.

Especially if you say these types of things in your mind:

“I have never made money in Network Marketing”

“Sure, that’s easy for you Robert, but it’s hard for me”

“I talked to everyone I know already and nobody wanted to join”

(We know you haven’t done that as we have never talked to everyone we knew, what we did was allow a handful of no’s or skeptical friends or family members or former members of another program influence our decision making.  And, yes, most of them were Broke Experts like us!”)

Showing the plan is like a workout at the gym.

The more you workout the better you’ll look and feel.

The more plans you show the more customers and connectors you’ll get.


If your commission checks aren’t where you want them to be at Felice Cafe show more plans!

You’ve seen my training where I say:

12 = 4

That’ means you need to go at least 12 wide to identify 4 people who say they want to build a 20-Club with you.


Say it 20 times a day at least!

What number is your Financial Future to you on a scale of 1 to 10?

A 1?

Or, a 10?

Is your activity matching the importance you’ve placed on it?

If it isn’t that’s simple to change.

1.  Contact all your family and friends by letter, text, email or phone call. 

(Click here to get those scripts)

2.  Contact our Coffee Leads 

3.  Contact our Telephone Interviewed Leads

4.  Post on your social media sites for a “Free Sample”  

5.  Get on autoship for 1 bag of coffee and 25 cafe cards.  That’s a bag for you and 25 samples to hand or mail out monthly! 

Login to your back office and order.  Or, get back to the person who sent you to this blog and JOIN WITH US and build a 20-Club together!

If you’re not on 100cv autoship do it now, don’t delay anymore.

If you don’t have your login then call us at:  (405) 833-6899 and we will take your order over the phone.

The leaders are on this autoship. 

Some are on 50 cafe cards autoship.  The point is leaders lead.  They know they have to show the plan.  They know the easiest way to get someone’s interest is to give someone something for FREE.  We all like free gifts.  We all like to try new things.  The more cafe cards you give out the more customers you’ll get!

How may times a day, week, month or year can you say these words:

“If I Give You a Sample of Our Coffee Will You Try It?

How many times a day, week, month or year can your downline say these words?

If someone doesn’t drink coffee ask them if they know of anyone who does?

It’s that simple.

Show the Plan.

And, when you do that on a consistent basis and you teach your team to do the same thing, AMAZING things can happen for you in your life and at Felice Cafe!

151 vs. 1,000

Come work with us to help you not just build one 20-Club, but enough of them to help you quit your job, pay all your bills all at once on the 15th of every month or secure your financial future any way that you visualize it!

We are here to help.

The compensation plan is in place to help you.

The tools are in place to help you.

We are here to help you.

Now, it’s simply time to help yourself…show the plan today.

Ask at least one person this question:

“If I Gave You a Sample of Our Coffee Would You Try It?”


Sheri & Robert Blackman

(405) 833-6899

PS  “The Best is Yet to Come!”