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I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of Felice Cafe. Finally, a Company that brings together everything dear to me in Network Marketing: high payout on the upper levels, generous infinity bonuses, an appealing product line, easy sampling system and a genuine focus on what's best for distributors. Here's a rare chance for the average person to have success in Network Marketing.

Aziz Jangbar

I was down for weeks from a fall. Aziz, my sponsor sent us a sample of the A.M. Coffee to try. I drank a cup that noon. That evening we went to see my daughter. I noticed right away that my legs were not cramping or freezing up like they had when walking just 10 or more steps. I had tried many things but to no avail. I thank God for the relief I got from the product.

Bob WyattHot springs, Arkansas

We have been on quest for the last 4 years to find the Perfect Company, with a Great Product, that had an Awesome pay plan and one where the timing was Just Right. After trying many products and companies, we were introduced to Felice Café. Sheri and Robert Blackman have put together the Perfect Company that is set up for long term growth so we can grow as the company grows. They have introduced the Greatest product in the Felice AM Coffee blend and Everyone that tries it instantly Loves it, plus Coffee is the easiest conversation you will ever have in this business. You don’t have to educate people on coffee, just hand them a sample and watch them light up with Excitement. Then creating the most Awesome Compensation model that we have run into in Many, Many years. One that is designed to help the average Networker that usually only sponsors a hand full of people. Paying out 55% on the first three levels this comp plan puts Money in Your pocket. Helping average Families make an extra income is going to change Many lives and help people that have never been able to make money before in this business model.

Then when you look at the timing, well it couldn’t be better. In fact, it’s So Awesome that our little TEAM has grown to over 700 members in less than 90 days and we only have a hand full of direct referrals. Duplication is the key and we are finding that Everyone Loves the Company, Loves the Coffee Product and gets Very Excited about the Compensation plan so the Timing couldn’t be better. Do Yourself a favor and join us on this Journey with Felice Café. No sign-up fees, No annual cost to be a member creates an open opportunity for Anyone! And that includes YOU! We LOVE Felice Café! Thank YOU, Sheri and Robert Blackman, for Everything you are doing to help us Grow and Succeed! Love You Guys!

Dean and DenaSimple TEAM!

Amazing energy! My appetite is definitely controlled. I felt a very distinct difference in my mood!

Emma Lee

At first Me and My Wife Angela where not Coffee Drinkers. All Threw out My Military Years, I still never liked Coffee. Over Time, My Friend John Convinced Me to Check out This Company
and it's Coffee. Wow! is all I can say, Me and My Wife Love The Taste, The Rich but Smooth Feel and The Aroma. We also love The All-Day Energy! plus I Sleep Better Now. 25 Yrs. in this Industry, and I've never seen a Comp Plan Design for the 95% Per center's Do Your Family a Finical Favor and Seriously! Check Out Felice Cafe'

Isaac L. HoltChicago, IL

Hi, my name is Larry Driven. Williams. I am a 17yr. Network Marketing veteran based in ILLINOIS. When I first heard about Felice Cafe, I thought, coffee, that's a very competitive market.
But when I tried the Felice Cafe Coffee and felt the difference, all I could say is, Wow! Now this is what coffee supposed to be like. Felice Cafe is by far, the best smart coffee on the market. The coffee gives you more focus, more energy, and it even helps to manage your weight and also, allows you to earn just from sharing with family and friends.
All I can say is, Robert and Sheri Blackman, you have a winner with Felice Cafe and, I'm glad to be part of it. Hello, Felice Cafe.

Larry 'Driven' Williams

When my friend Isaac Holt introduced Felice Cafe to me during prelaunch I decided to take a look. Before I finished watching the company webinar I Signed-Up. After learning about The Coffee, the Comp Plan and the Leadership Team I was sold. Once I tasted the Coffee and experienced its many benefits my excitement level grew even higher. All I can say is thanks to Robert and Sheri Blackman for sharing such a wonderful opportunity!

Maurice HarperChicago, IL

FINALLY, a company that has it ALL!

FELICE CAFE, has successfully developed a very unique blend of all-natural herbs where, when dissolved in hot water not only does it taste great but it also smells delicious and inviting! The effects are refreshing, within a short time I can feel stress lifting and brain fog leaving causing me to have better focus, feel lighter and just downright good!

THAT'S NOT ALL! For the first time EVER, this company's compensation plan is clearly designed to benefit the 95%!!! The magic actually kicks in at the second level! UNBELIEVABLE right? View it for yourself, if this starts to make sense, join us so YOU can start to make dollar$'s. The product sells itself!

Thanks to you, Robert and Sheri for your obedience to the vision and to GOD for this favorable opportunity.

Many Blessings to you, from Queenbean!


Did you say Coffee? Yes, we did, this coffee is the greatest tasting coffee. The flavor is great and it physically inspires one the entire day. Drink it in the A.M. Try half of packet in an 8oz cup of hot water. Drink it black or with cream and sugar. Yum! Be prepared to sleep well all night.

Ronald & Carolyn Gary

I’ve tried other coffee products that claim to have health benefits but most have left me with a bitter taste. I like the taste of coffee offered at exclusive coffee shops, but hate to pay the price. I was introduced to Felice Café AM, and was amazed at how I felt 5 hours after drinking my morning cup. I normally take an afternoon nap but no longer feel the need after I drink one cup of Felice Café AM. What's even better I’ve been shown how I can get paid to drink this amazing coffee.

Steve Spaur

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